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Miele x MIMO
Solar Decathlon

The University Düsseldorf asked Miele to participate in the international student competition “SDE 21/22” for the Solar Decathlon Europe as a partner, bringing in a new approach for the energy efficiency of household appliances.

Immer Besser: For the planet, our only home

As a home appliance producer and family-owned business, we are a brand build on user centricity, trust and constant improvement in all that we do. 

For the people and businesses that use our products every day and for the world we live in.

Together for the future

Miele supported the team from Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences (HSD) in the international architectural competition for sustainable living concepts as a result of a long-term partnership.

In the „MIMO“ (Minimal Inpact, Maximum Output) project, the energiBUS including a heat pump and innovative Miele kitchen appliances were installed for the central energy management of the building to test effective energy savings for a particularly sustainable lifestyle in a real-life scenario.

Sustainable impressions

The Solar Decathlon took place in June 2022 at the Wuppertal event site around the Mirker Bahnhof train station. 

This June 2022, the international event for sustainable cities was on with an impressive program including 10 competitive disciplines.

Congratulations to the winning teams and especially our partners from MIMO for their extraordinary work, vision and craftmanship on a mission to contribute to a sustainable future of living.


More than 10.000 visitors in MIMO house
4th of 16 teams competing in the final ranking
1st place
in the category Communication, Education & Social Awareness (CESA-Award)

2nd place
in the category Affordability & Viability

2nd place
in the OOC-Award Building for Future

1st place
in the OOC-Award for Applied Mobility Sciences awarded by the European Platform of Transport Sciences – EPTS Foundation e.V.

New ways of sustainability

The Düsseldorf MIMO project proofed a new way to use household appliances more energy-efficiently.

Together with partner companies such as Miele, the HSD students presented a prime example of sustainable construction in existing buildings with enormous potential for the urban energy revolution.

Energy efficient at heart

Together with several partners, Miele has developed an energy concept in which domestic appliances form a symbiotic relationship with a home’s energy system to exchange thermal energy within the building.

The result is energiBUS – the innovative “heart” of MIMO’s energy concept.

Save more energy

The energiBUS is the control system that connects the heat pump, cooling and heat storage systems and energy-efficient Miele household appliances.

This sophisticated technology means that appliances such as washing machines themselves only need to add a small amount of heat for water temperature and can even be used for heat recovery. 

An innovative energy system that uses resources with minimal impact on the environment.

at Miele

Learn about our commitment to our planet and moving toward a better future.

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